"As I've said before, you make
  us look good!"

                                                   - Ed Avis, Publisher, el Restaurante magazine


I have been called a "miracle worker" for conceptualizing and designing a magazine ad for a food industry corporation and having it unanimously approved by its management within a single day.  Frustrated by the work an established ad agency had done for them, another company turned to me and was impressed with the results I delivered.

This is the level of satisfaction I look forward to delivering to your company, not just with an emphasis on promptness, but quality.

I am a highly skilled and versatile designer - quick, efficient and driven to produce quality results.  From my long-term relationship with Photoshop since a teenager to my career thus far in Graphic Design (including expertise in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and many other programs), to my deep and ever-growing love for Photography (I also own my own SLR and a wide array of lenses and other equipment), to other hobbies/passions like computers (Mac and PC - I don't discriminate) and illustration, I enjoy creating and sharing my vision with others in whatever way I can.  I have worked on projects big and small - from a logo design for a mom and pop business to an entire 82-page layout of a print issue of a Private Label industry magazine for a large media corporation.  I am looking to continue my growth and include my work for you in these accomplishments that I take my pride in. 

Please look over my resume and you will find I am experienced in a wide variety of programs, and that I have an education that has strengthened this experience.  

I look forward to PROVING, not just telling you what an asset I can be to you - I want to make YOU look good.

Thanks for visiting, and I hope to hear from you!  In the meantime, take a look below at a list of just some of the clients I've delivered results to.


Admiration Foods
Arcadia Farms
Better Baked Foods
Bonduelle North America
Chelten House
Commercial Bakeries
Del Monte
Dipped Products PLC
Dr Pepper Snapple Group
Gel Spice
Golden Gate Paper
Griffin Care
Lassonde Pappas
LT Foods Americas
Origin Food Group
Perfect Bite
Performance Packaging
Ragozzino Foods
Stagnito Media, Inc.
Taper Pro Industrial
Trophy Nut
U.S. Alliance Paper
Vegan Gal

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